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reYoga offers a range of digital content aimed at supporting you in your journey of self-unfoldment.

reYoga recognizes the importance of group class experiences as they act as support for your own practice. reYoga also recognizes that you need tools that will assist you in the development of your personal practice.

reYoga’s encourages personal practice as this is how you own your yoga. Through personal practice, you build a deeper understanding of yourself through yoga. You begin to recognize how practice serves you.


There is no doubt that the foundation of being a great yoga teacher is being a great yoga student.

Rod Stryker

Download the following bellow:

Sessions – audio practices – about 30 minutes in length – with stick figures to guide your way

PDF Resources – notes for mantras

Audio Resources – recordings of mantras, meditations, and Yoga Nidra practices

Video Resources – video tutorials on various breath techniques; 30-minutes yoga practices



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PDF Resources

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Audio Resources

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Video Resources

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