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Traditionally, yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda, were used as healing modalities to address individual needs. The term used for this therapeutic approach in sanskrit is “chikitsa”.

Your “chikitsa” starts from the perspective that you are a unique individual with your own constitution, but that you also carry all sorts of imbalances. This is because you are part of ever-changing nature.

Your chikitsa includes:

  • analysis of your unique Ayurvedic constitution
  • assessment of your current condition(s)
  • prescription of a daily practice to address imbalances
  • recommended changes to diet and lifestyle shifts to facilitate your return to balance
  • instruction on assessing your progress, how to listen to your body, mind and spirit, and adapt your practice to meet your needs.

Things to remember:

  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addressing your needs
  • As a qualified teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner you’ll be prescribed a unique practice
  • Your practice will involve any number of yoga techniques:
    • purification techniques (shat kriyas)
    • poses (asana)
    • breathing/energy techniques (pranayama)
    • energy locks (bandhas) and gestures (mudras)
    • deep relaxation (yoga nidra)
    • and meditation
  • You will receive a personal mantra to use for the duration of your prescribed practice and beyond.

Loren’s approach to chikitsa

  • Using a holistic, multi-pronged approach to get results
  • Using experiential knowledge and intuitive knowledge to guide the process
  • Drawing on the wisdom of the lineage and the sages who inform it
  • Addressing physical, mental and spiritual levels of your being in this healing work
  • Motivating and inspiring your personal practice, including meditation, and your commitment to change

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Fees: $175 +HST

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