reYoga facilitates community

Humans are social creatures, thriving on connection with each other. Community and connection help you to grow and prosper.

On a psycho-spiritual level, some of your primal needs include being part of a tribe – to belong. Absent that connection you suffer. Alignment with the wrong community will also cause suffering.

reJoyce in community. When you begin your journey to greater freedom, fullfilment and joy, you need the support of others.

You are one of few who is doing the rich work to self-unfoldment. You need the support of others, the guidance of qualified teachers and space to explore.

reYoga community is made up of like-minded Beings
  • We support each other
  • We create space for inquiry
  • We honour the traditions
  • We challenge our beliefs
  • We commit to practice
  • We show humility
  • We are friendly toward the happy
  • We are compassionate toward the miserable
  • We are happy for the virtuous
  • We are non-judgmental toward the non-virtuous



You should learn to be patient. The quest of the soul helps you, if you persist; then, finally, you will find the light from the distance that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Will you please practice?

Swami Rama

How do we find sangha?

Sangha is the fancy sanskrit word for supportive community, that which we are cultivating with reYoga.

According to Pandit Rajmani Tigunait,

“We find sangha through whatever one is doing to connect with other spiritually and service-oriented like-minded people, whether through any number of conferences, local community events or searching on the internet. Seek and you will find; this is what the seeking is all about.”