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reYoga is both a program and a space.

The space hosts all reYoga curriculum and also classes and workshops offered by others. The space is imbued with amazing energy, is beautifully designed and provides a perfect backdrop for our work together.

The program is a lineage-based connecting you to teachings that have been shared from teacher-to-student for centuries. These teaching yoke you to your highest self.

We look forward to working with you.

Teaching Yoga is more than teaching poses. A good Yoga Teacher recognizes the potency of various techniques and knows how and when to apply them. We learn to understand new techniques in our personal practice before we share with students.

Graduates from my program will be well on their path to Self Mastery by the time they complete the training. This is a life-long journey for each of us. My commitment is to continue to work with you for the Tradition of Yoga is one of teacher to student transmission

Loren Crawford

reYoga is a merging of the following three rivers


The first of these rivers is the tradition of yoga is rich, deep and ancient. It is multi-dimensional with aspects that address your physical, mental and spiritual selves.

Yoga is also a modern system of physical exercise; this is how most of you first experience it.

Classically, yoga is a journey of the mind, chitta, the goal of which is to still the roaming tendencies of the mind.

reYoga promises to meet you where you are at on your journey. We will provide you with the appropriate tools so that you’ll get even more out of your efforts.  This will make a difference, we promise.



The second river is the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda. It is holistic health system. Ayurveda is ancient time-tested wisdom that teaches you how to live a healthy and balanced life.

What is really beautiful about Ayurveda is its simplicity – making simple changes to what we eat, do and think can have profound impact on how we “be” in the world.

This is the quintessential teaching on balance – learning how to live in a way that your most fundamental / elemental components are kept in a balanced state so that you live more harmoniously. This is the recipe for happiness.


The third river is tantra. This often misunderstood concept really addresses our energetic being. It is both a worldview and a complex system of we work with our energetic body.

As a worldview, or philosophy, tantra teaches that life is a gift, that our duty is to experience heaven here on earth, to connect to our birthright of freedom, fulfillment and joy.

Tantra techniques vary vastly from extreme external rituals to super subtle internal practices. reYoga is part of the Himalayan Tradition which is a largely internal system of practices. Through these techniques we get to know our inner landscape and begin the work of moving from duality to ultimately a non-dual reality.


Merging of the three rivers

The three rivers work together; they are equally important. They are complementary.

reYoga excels in weaving the teachings from the three traditions into a powerful curriculum providing you with unique experiences and transformational practices.


Loren Crawford


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