For over two decades I haveĀ been active with yoga, first with an eager focus on asana (poses) which evolved into a connection with the deeper teachings of the yoga tradition. Initially certified to teach in 2004, I immersed myself in more training, including Ayurveda.

I was introduced to Yogarupa Rod Stryker in 2007 and began studying with him the following year. Yogarupa saw a spark in me and welcomed me into the ParaYoga family. With this, my inner Guru began to shine.

In September, 2011, I became Canada’s first certified ParaYoga teacher. I continue to study with my Guru and with other teachers of the Sri Vidya tradition at the Himalayan Institute.

I am passionate about an authentic approach to yoga that upholds and respects the incredible work done by the sages of the tradition. As more people are exposed to the benefits of yoga on a physiological level there is a need for teachers who will be able to positively affect the psychological and spiritual levels as well. This integrated approach takes years of training and personal practice.

Working with teachers and students who are ready to embrace this approach, I offer my voice to guide them on their journey to deep and abiding joy.