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reYoga offers a range of digital content aimed at supporting you in your journey of self-unfoldment.

reYoga recgonizes the importance of group class experiences as they act as a support for your own practice. reYoga also recognizes that you need tools that will assist you in the development of your personal practice.

reYoga’s encourages personal practice as this is how you own your yoga. Through personal practice you build a deeper understanding of yourself through yoga. You begin to recognize how practice serves you.

reYoga is committed to providing you with the tools necessary for a robust personal practice, tools that are guaranteed to serve you well on you journey.

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reYoga Advanced Training

reYoga is committed to working with students  who are dedicated to the traditions of yoga, tantra and Ayurveda .

If you are ready to build a life rich in meaning and purpose, the ancient teachings will serve you. reYoga provides a link to these teachings and will help you integrate them into your life.

One challenge of modern society is the expectation of  immediate gratification. This is one of the primary means of suffering.

reYoga helps you undertand that it is only through committed, dedicated and ongoing practice that you truly embody the teachings of yoga, that your life becomes more complete and that you realize the freedom, fulfilment and joy that are your birthright.

Advanced Training

Teaching Yoga is more than teaching poses. A good Yoga Teacher recognizes the potency of various techniques and knows how and when to apply them. We learn to understand new techniques in our personal practice before we share with students.

Graduates from my program will be well on their path to Self Mastery by the time they complete the training. This is a life-long journey for each of us. My commitment is to continue to work with you for the Tradition of Yoga is one of teacher to student transmission

Loren Crawford

reTreat Yourself


are an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the study and practice of yoga in a focused manner. You step out of your daily routine and shift the momentum. You experience powerful practices, healthy food, nurturing environment and loving community is soothing to your Being. reYoga offers day-long and multiple-day reTreats, each with its own unique curriculum and practices.
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