A skilled teacher can provide you with a practice that meets your needs.

While group classes provide a sense of community they don’t always address your unique needs.

You may feel more at ease working with a teacher in the privacy of your own home or in a space that is designed for specifically for practice. reYoga’s facility at 209 Hannah Street is just that!

Private practice with reYoga include:

  • minimum one-hour session
  • meditation
  • personalized sequence and techniques
  • audio recording
  • written copy of practice


Scheduling and Fees:

reYoga can schedule one-hour morning privates at 8 am or afternoon privates at 5 pm at 209 Hannah Street.

Evening and weekend sessions are available as well.

Privates are booked on first-come basis so availability may be limited.

Contact reYoga to discuss scheduling options.


You can simply purchase a single session or you may want to invest in a package of 3 or 6.


Private session - single
Private sessions (3)
Private sessions (6)