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There are many approaches to sequencing practices/classes. Many modern-day systems rely on a set sequence that is taught exclusively without deviation. Others provide more diversity but sometimes lack an integrated approach to movement, breath and mind.

reYoga draws on the expertise of Hatha Master Yogarupa Rod Stryker and teaches an approach to sequencing draws from the Master Krishnamacharya’s teachings and equips practitioners and teachers alike with a skillful toolkit to draw from. Your needs vary from day to day, year to year and from one stage of life to another. This applies to your students as well. So, there is really no single class or sequence that meets everyone’s needs. The more tools you have to work with, the more likely you will be able to practice in a manner that meets your – and your students’- needs. This is something that set sequences fail at, unfortunately.

You will leave this module with a renewed zeal for sequencing group classes and individual practices to meet an endless variety of themes and approaches.

You will appreciate that there is doing yoga and there is being yoga – you will strive for the latter.  You will understand that there must be a balance in Hatha Yoga – not continual flow, not continual power, not creating too much heat, not being too much static, but an overall balance.

You will know that there are times to sequence to enliven, to  rest, to release, to expand, to integrate and to balance. The options become endless. You will understand the importance of efficiency; there is no need to waste energy on doing too much, which is contrary to cultivating the state of yoga.

And, you will learn advanced assisting skills, working intelligently to assist students in their practices.

This workshop provides credit to your 300-hour yoga training and teacher certification of 40 continuing education credits.

What you’ll learn at Advanced Sequencing – excellence in teaching:

  • the 6 categories of poses as articulated by the father of modern hatha yoga, Krishnamacharya
  • the vini-yoga approach championed by Krishnamacharya which focuses on dynamic entry into poses coupled with static holding
  • how to intelligently weave more techniques into your classes and sequencing: bandhas, mudras, kriya, pranayama, rest, nyasa (placement of awareness), bavana (subtle themes), energetics (pranic focus), and meditation.
  • expand your current understanding of sequencing so that you can become an even better teacher, whether preparing for group classes or sequences for individuals.

To reap the most from this training it is recommended that you first take our other workshops dealing with prana, subtle anatomy, pranayama, prana, ayurveda and meditation.

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