Where209 Hannah Street, Ottawa (Vanier)
ScheduleAdvanced Pranayama and Meditation, Nov 16-18The Four Desires, January 19 & 20Subtle Healing Practices, March 29-31

reYoga's Advanced Yoga Training

Teaching yoga is an honour. As teachers we impact the lives of students in ways we can’t even imagine. With deeper understanding of the many techniques available through advanced training, we can play an even more meaningful role.

A well-rounded teacher is able to teach more than a good yoga class. Being able to work with individals – as well as groups – to help them advance in their practice, use techniques to address specific issues, and introduce personal practices that meet their needs is essential.


reYoga offers  8-weekend modules. One module will be offered quarterly. They can be taken in any order and at any time.

Modules run on Friday evenings and full days on Saturday and Sunday.

Applying for certification:

Upon completion of all 8 required modules, you will notify reYoga that you are ready to finalize the certification process, which includes:

  • Submitting a pre-approved project that aligns the training you’ve completed with how you will teach it. To be clear, not everyone will be teaching group Hatha Yoga classes
  • Completing a 40-day mantra-based meditation practice and submitting a reflection journal of your experience
  • completing final oral examination with reYoga
  • paying the $100 certification fee

What we offer:

  • 8 weekend modules
  • Lineage-based curriculum (Himalayan Tradition – Sri Vidya lineage)
  • A well-rounded approach to advanced training
  • All content is informed by classic yoga, tantra and Ayuveda
  • Assignments that support the integration of the teachings
  • Yoga Alliance recognized curriculum

Your Role:

  • Being open to deepening your current understanding of yoga
  • Being open to sitting with and moving through contradictions that may present themselves from your previous training
  • Being committed to full participation in the modules, including completing any assignments
  • Being open to feedback and mentorring
  • Being willing to receive a personal practice and commit to it, including a practice journal

You are pursuing freedom and fulfillment; we have the tools for you to connect to it.

We are teachers and facilitators: we expand the understanding of yoga, we mine the gems, we present them to you in useable, practical ways.

Advanced Yoga Traininig Module Payment

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reYoga’s advanced yoga training is comprised of 8 weekend modules. You must register for individual modules once your approval in the advanced training program has been approved. Contact us for more information if this is not the case.

The Four Desires

Creating a life of purpose, happiness, prosperity and freedom

The Four Desires

The work of The Four Desires is a methodical approach to identifying your life's purpose, your Dharma Code as well as the beliefs and practices that keep you from fulfilling your potential. This powerful process will change your life's trajectory.

Subtle Healing Practices of the Yoga Tradition

Subtle Healing Practices

Subtle healing techniques can be easily added to your yoga practice and vastly improve the results of your practice. This looks like greater mastery of your mind and ultimately your life. These techniques will help you understand yoga in a much deeper way.

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