Where209 Hannah Street, Vanier, ON
ScheduleFriday, January 24, 6 pm-9:30 pmSaturday, January 25, 9 am-5:30 pmSunday, January 26, 9 am-5:30 pm

Have you ever taken the time to ask the question: Why am I here?  It’s a big question and one that many of us shy away from because of its magnitude.  And yet, we may languish in a place of not feeling fulfilled.

According to the yoga tradition, the soul has four desires that play out in various ways at times in our lives. The teachings tell us that unless these biological and spiritual instincts are achieved, life is not complete.

Four Desires is a workshop and process designed by Master Teacher Rod Stryker. It is a set of tools to assist you on your journey. It aligns with reYoga’s mission to provide you with resources to achieve greater freedom, fullfilment and joy in your lifetime.

Over the years, participants of this process have used it to reflect, refocus and reposition their lives. The work includes creating a mission statement that captures your unique purpose, your Dharma Code.

The Four Desires process is rich in self-reflection, challenging in that you face some of your deeper ‘truths’, yet ultimately uplifting in its power to help you become the Master of your destiny.

This workshop provides 20 continuing ed credits and credit towards 300-hour teacher certification.

What you’ll learn at Four Desires – Creating a life of purpose, happiness, prosperity and freedom:

  • learning about the four desires established in the ancient teachings – and why they are still relevant
  • creating a dharma code that acts as your life’s mission statement, it assists you in making choices that will affect your life
  • processes for establishing working with setting intentions, sankalpa
  • determining – often unconscious – belief patterns that keep us from fulfillment
  • techniques and practices that assist you in ongoing work of self-fulfillment

We look forward to your participation!

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Four Desires
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