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reYoga Sessions are audio files with accompanying stick figures providing a visual reference point.

reYoga Sessions are full-length practices, concluding with a meditation.

Each session has a unique focus and approach. Choose the one(s) that most suits you.

Working with a specific practice for a period of a week or weeks can have powerful benefits.

reYoga sessions are accessible through your free reYoga account – you can view them on any device.

Please note, you may only stop and start the session, there is no fast forward or rewind function.

You may want to supplement these sessions with other tools from the digital content page.

reYoga Session Download Process

There is no fee for the 5 reYoga Sessions, they are FREE.

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66 minutes

A twist practice awakening the energies in the abdomen, the centre of digestion, where assimilation occurs. You will feel balanced and integrated.


72 minutes

A lateral practice expanding your body creating a sense of expansion of your mind. You will be moved beyond your worries, concerns and doubts.


47 minutes

A practice that opens your chest to create an expansive quality giving you a sense of vitality. You will feel a reIgniting of your energy and vitality.


62 minutes

A forward folding practice that is calming and soothing. You will feel a great sense of releasing and leting go.


60 minutes

This practice mindfully takes you through a full range of movements. You will feel renewed and complete.