Where209 Hannah Street, Vanier, Ontario
ScheduleFriday January 22, 2021, 6 - 9:30 pm Saturday, January 23, 9 am-5:30 pmSunday, January 24, 9 am-5:30 pm

Join us for this advanced module where we will explore a host of subtle yoga techniques that are rarely taught in our modern yoga classes or workshops. These ancient practice from the Sri Vidya Himalayan Tradition are time-tested and have changed the loves of untold seekers for centuries.

These are practice and accessible practices that will expand your yoga tool kit, whether you are a practitioner or a teacher. Many of these will be a welcomed addition to your classes – your students will be grateful.

These are not aggressive or super challenging on a physical level, rather they are highly refined and are much more challenging on the mental/psychic levels. Their practice leaves you to what transformation really feels like. While physical yoga classes are great but their reach is limited.

Unique meditations, mudras, restorative techniques, yoga nidra, vichara,  working with sankalpa shakti will be part of this experience.

This workshop provides 20 continuing ed credits and credit towards 300-hour teacher certification.
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Subtle Healing Practices of the Yoga Tradition
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