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Tantra is misunderstood and misrepresented. For example, when you practice hatha yoga you are actually engaging in tantra.

Tantra is about managing lifeforce, prana, and it is a worldview¬† inspiring you to become all that you’re meant to be, to use every experience as one of learning and expansion, and to see life as an amazing gift.

Unlike some spiritual traditions, tantra says that heaven is in the here and now, not in the hereafter, so make the most of your life.

Tantra helps you unlock many of the mysteries of life and can help you [re]shape your destiny using the techniques of yoga as our tools.

Tantra teaches that you are an animated force of life. You have the will and capacity to be in this world. You also have the ability to harness your lifeforce – prana – and build even greater potential to fulfill your dreams.

How you get through life’s challenges, achieve clarity when life gets messy, find the indomitable will to move forward in life all depend on your ability to contain, build and direct your prana.

Working with prana is an experiential process. The intellectual understanding of these concepts does not affect change. Techniques, principles and teachings must be embodied to truly benefit from this work.

This workshop provides credit to your 300-hour yoga training and teacher certification or 20 continuing education credits.

What you’ll learn at Tantra and Prana Shakti:

  • the history of trantra
  • the three paths of tantra with a focus on the “middle and “right” paths
  • yoga techniques that accelerate your journey to self-mastery
  • how to create a strong and stable body-container where you will harness your lifeforce
  • how to cultivate more prana and identify its animating
  • pranic imbalances and ways to proactively address these
  • subtle techniques and how to use them to¬† build prana

Join us and find out more about how you can be ahead of this wave.

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Tantra and Prana Shakti
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