I came to take classes from Loren Crawford, then ended up taking one workshop and another and eventually did my teacher certification.

Yoga was a life changing experience for me.  Authentic teachings of Yoga from Loren’s lineage is not the usual commercial stuff. Loren instruct his students with both yoga and  non-dualistic tantra traditions.

Loren can teach the esoteric matters of the yoga while making it real and accessible. He’s an expert in working with prana – breath control and energy locks (bandhas). He taught me to build a container within my body and then manage my life force.

 Loren is formidable in teaching about bio-spiritual energy using techniques that awaken the dormant force, kundalini energy. His methods of teaching kundalini are safe, effective and instructed in a systematic way.

I dove deep into teacher training gaining an abundance of knowledge which I now use every day. While the study was intense and challenging, it was manageable enough for me to get through. Loren was kind, warm and patient with me during my practicums.

Yoga, and the training, has completely changed my life, my body, my mind, my emotional and mental behavior. I’m grateful to Loren for instructing me with this super rich knowledge. Learning from Loren is a life changing experience. Loren is a precious gem for all of us.

Roman D.

Loren teaches a style of yoga which, using simple asana in combination with moderated practice tempo, breath techniques and visualization, produces profound meditative and transformative experiences.  A passionate student himself, you always are left wondering if there is yet another depth to the practice behind the next door, and there always is.  He leaves you with ownership of your own practice, and the tools to tailor your practice to your own needs.  As a yoga teacher, the Power of Yoga Program has given me enormous confidence in the yoga I teach, my own students love this yoga, and my classes are full.

Tania V.

Loren opened new channels in my body, spirit and life. His practical and genuine approach to yoga, with precise explanations of asanas and pranayamas (breath work), opened my mind to the peace that is hidden in a regular yoga practice. My energy improved and my life goals became clearer. Loren gave me the tools to pass on this wisdom to other students in an accessible manner. He has a gift for diagnosing a person’s needs and passing on a wealth of solutions to common health problems; I am one of many students whose health and lifestyles changed drastically as a result of growth through Loren’s guidance in yoga and ayurveda.

Shealagh E-M.

As soon as I started hatha yoga classes with Loren, I noticed an immediate change in my blood sugar levels (I’m a type 1 diabetic using insulin pump therapy). Usually exercise, and disconnecting from the pump, means I have to make sure effort levels (aerobic) are enough to counter the absence of insulin to deal with the continual release of stress hormones (cortisol, adrenalin) that happens to all of us, incrementally, throughout our day. But with Loren’s focus on sustained poses and yogic breath into the body’s energy centres, these automatic stress triggers disappear and in fact my blood sugar levels are lower after a 90-minute class! Plus, I appreciate Loren’s whole and holistic approach: the ‘why and wherefore’ of breath, asanas, meditation and the ancient basis of the practice; not just copying the example of the teacher but learning why the practice is working, and being able to take that home in my own daily practice.

Charles M.

Having medical issues that left me with limited mobility and a poor sense of balance, I began working with Loren almost a year ago. We have been working teacher to student, on a one on one basis which allows my practice to be specific to my needs in order to do no harm and facilitate healing. At the end of a recent session, I realized the benefits that I was enjoying of greatly increased flexibility, improved balance, more energy, less stress and peace of mind all under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Rodney B.

I come out of my yoga practice with Loren feeling relaxed and invigorated. The yoga practice is always instructive and insightful.

Daniel L.

Loren shares his insight and knowledge of yoga in a clear and meaningful way, making ancient wisdom profoundly applicable in our contemporary times.

Lori C.